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How you can avoid regret purchases.

I found this article on I believe it will surely help us all. Sometimes we get relaxed in what we purchase from the shelves of drug stores, mall stores, our favorite beauty stores that we have gone to forever.

Skincare PurchasesAre you like me? Have gone to our favorite one and just grab the product right off the shelf, pay for it, go home, put it on our shelf. Then we use it and say something’s not quiet right. Well guess what? The formula has been changed and it’s not what we are use too, plus I DON’T LIKE IT.  I can’t blame anyone but myself, because why!!!! Come on I know you know the answer! Come on! Come on!

What did you say? You didn’t read the label. You are correct! Skincare Purchases

Here is partial information from Dr. Brandith Irwin, MD

We’re all human. We all have desperate days when we look at our skin in the mirror and cringe (yes, even dermatologists). Your first instinct might be to immediately get online and try to be your own expert – or, worse yet, run out to the department store and let someone at the counter (who often knows very little) sell you $ 200 worth of skincare products. But don’t do it! There are better ways to spend that money, and finding the right skincare products takes time and effort – it can’t be done in a spur-of-the-moment shopping frenzy.

Three reasons you shouldn’t make knee-jerk skincare purchases:

• There really is no quick fix. This is sad, I know; but it’s also reality, unless it’s just dehydration, for which the cure is a ton of water and some moisturizer. Most serums, creams, and oils cannot cure problems in a day or two that have been brewing for weeks, months, or years. Accepting this will save you money and disappointment.

• Samples are a trap! Why? Because they persuade you spend money on skincare that won’t help you. All you can really tell from a sample is that you don’t hate the fragrance, and you’re not immediately and horribly allergic to it. As I said in the first bullet, you won’t get a quick fix from a few uses of a sample. It tells you practically nothing and yet women and men try samples all the time and make a purchase based on that. Don’t get sucked in!

• The skincare your friend swears by (and promises you’ll love, too) probably won’t help you. That is, unless your friend has skin exactly like yours. But how often is that the case? Your friend may have drier skin, oilier skin, acne, more or less sun damage, larger pores, more wrinkles or less sagging, and on and on. The best skincare is customized to you.

To continue reading her article which includes a better approach to choosing and using skincare.

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Skincare PurchasesHave a great day! Imogenie

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